THE EVIDENCE IS CLEAR: manufacturing has to play an integral role in assuring a better future for America. For the United States to thrive in the 21st Century, it must be powered by a diverse and robust economy that is fueled by manufacturing. As a country, we cannot grow with an over-reliance on a finace or service-based economy. We must be making.

The Made In America Organization is designed to support and scale up companies who can leverage, expand and evolve US Manufacturing. The full platform is organized around several high value challenges:

The program will identify and support companies that work within three critical areas: in-sourced manufacturing, developing and deploying advanced manufacturing technology and processes, and workforce development for advanced manufacturing and associated skill sets.

Made in America is pleased to have announced our commitment to action at the Clinton Global Initiative America in June, beginning with the launch of our first pilot Advanced Manufacturing Challenge. Made in America will expand fromt his pilot to all 50 states in the next five years.

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